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Traveling is one of the most sought-after objectives of the choirs; it offers the possibility of sharing the work with other groups and showing it to different audiences.
To travel is to make oneself known and to strengthen the image of the choir, as well as to enrich the personal and professional experience of each of the singers by interacting with other artistic groups.

Our tours in 2024

We already have two tours scheduled, for which we have taken into careful consideration the weather in the chosen destinations and the choral activities of the season.

Therefore, we propose Italy and Spain - Portugal for the spring-summer of 2024

Our services

  • Reception at the Airport
  • All transfers by contracted bus
  • Accommodation according to the category chosen by the group
  • Spaces for choir rehearsal
  • Concert organization
  • Material of the visited cities
  • Advertising of the concerts
  • Organization of lunches and dinners
  • Organization of guided tours
  • Orientation in free time

To travel is to acquire the experience of working in different conditions; with singers and with different audiences, of knowing and learning the customs, the history of other places and cultures.
In our festivals we offer the possibility of doing all this, but we understand that sometimes the agendas do not coincide, for this reason, our technical, administrative and artistic team proposes the organization of tours tailored to your group.
Corearte offers a strategic plan for each tour, understanding that our success lies in a coordination that is developed in an integral way and that combines the professionalism of our service, the empathy and human quality of our staff, with a management that anticipates and adapts to constant change, that learns from experience and innovates permanently.
We anticipate your needs and solve the unexpected so that you only have to enjoy the trip and the concerts.

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