The Choir Festivals and the choral Tours are places to share experiences, enjoy singing, learn, laugh, discover the culture of the host country as well as the lifestyle of its people.

What is Corearte?

Corearte International Choir Festival maintains its ongoing research, organization and development of the following tasks:

  • Artistic performances
  • Roundtables, debates, conferences and workshops
  • Events, festivals, tours and contests
  • Groups training and artistic / cultural workshops
  • Member of IFCM since 2008

The Corearte Choir Festival & Tour team

The Corearte Festival has a group of professionals who are passionately dedicated to music, especially choral music.

Carlos Sesca

Carlos is a founding member of COREARTE International Choir Festival, and is the main manager of the Festival, since its inception. He is also in charge of the selection of the participating choirs, as well as the programming of all Corearte's events.

Josep Prats

He has studied direction with J. Casas, E. List, L. Heltay, P. Cao and M. Corboz. He has taught at the Barcelona Theatre Institute and at the Liceu Conservatory of Music, director of the Spanish Radio and Television Choir and the Cantània program, organized annually by the Barcelona Auditorium's Pedagogical Service. He is currently conducting the Coral Cantiga de Barcelona

Christian Martinatto

Christian, is a Business Administration Technician, treasurer and manager of COREARTE.
He is the founder of the Festival and manager of all its projects.

Francisco Simaldoni

Francisco Simaldoni is an arranger, orchestrator and creator of symphonic-choral works. He is director of the University of the Republic Choir, the Santa Elena Polyphonic Choir and the Voices of the Square Choir in Uruguay. He was the main driving force behind the creation of the Choir Association in Uruguay, and is currently one of its main advisors.


Like every year, Corearte also has a great group of collaborators who, in addition to the love of music, enjoy receiving international guests. Each choir will have an staff coordinator who will act as a guide for travel, visits, concerts participation, etc.

Guest Conductors

Prestigious Choral Conductors are summoned by the Corearte International Festivals to dictate training workshops to the participants. In every edition of the Festival, schedule organization is often very complicated due to numerous musical commitments; however, thanks to an early organization, we have enjoyed the presence of some of them several times in our festivals and choral tours.

Our Friends

IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music)

ACORDELUR (Asociación Coral del Uruguay)

ADICORA (Asociación de Directores de Coro de la República Argentina)

AEDCoro (Asociación Española de Directores de Coro)

Our videos on YouTube

Corearte is a cultural entity based in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Spain. Since 2007, the COREARTE International Festival Barcelona has been promoted annually in the city, a world-famous event in which more than 250 choirs from around the world have participated.
It also organizes festivals in the Canary Islands, France and Latin America

Corearte Barcelona 2007
Campanadas (Jordi Lluis-Rigol)

Corearte Barcelona 2010
Program Views 2 (Spanish Television L2)

Corearte Barcelona 2014 · Parents and companions

Corearte Junior 2015 · Basilio Aztúlez

Corearte Barcelona 2016 · Workshop of Josep Prats
Carmina Burana de Carl Orff

Thanks to our friends and colleagues on International Women's Day, March 7, 2017

Corearte Córdoba 2017 · Baile de los Morenos

Corearte Medellín 2019 · América, América

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