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The Choral Festival Colombia will take place in the city of Manizales, located in the coffee region, on the Central Cordillera of the Andes. Also called the “City of Open Doors” or “The Capital of Affection”, a city with the aroma of coffee.
In Manizales we will share an unforgettable experience with choirs from all regions, learning, singing, meeting people and exploring beautiful landscapes.

Corearte Colombia choral festival will be held in the province of Caldas and city of Manizales from 10th to 15th of September of 2024


All choir groups in their different categories are invited: Children choirs, youth choirs o adults, religious, community choirs, Institutes or Universities, professional choirs, amateurs, chamber choirs, ensembles or vocal groups. Individual singers can also participate under special conditions (please ask the organization).
This event is NON COMPETITIVE.
Choirs wishing to participate in this edition of “Corearte Colombia 2024” must send the contact form , brief resume of the choir and its conductor, recent recording of two numbers of the choir’s repertoire (from a performance or rehearsal) and a recent photo of the group and its conductor.

Genaral Information about Choir Festival Colombia

Festival activities will begin on Tuesday, September 10 at 3:00 PM, so groups are encouraged to arrive before that time.
This program is provisional and subject to change.

  • Tuesday 10/09: Welcome workshops and inaugural concert
  • Wednesday 11/09: Training workshops, concert
  • Thursday 12/09: Training workshops, concert
  • Friday 13/09: Training workshops, concert in Manizales
  • Saturday 14/09: Training workshops, closing concert in Manizales
  • Sunday 15/09: Breakfast and farewell from Corearte Colombia 2024

The stages for concert performances are chosen for their acoustic quality and their cultural and/or architectural significance, thus providing participating choirs an opportunity to sing in landmark places of Manizales, including: Theater of the Founders, Manizales Cathedral or the University of Caldas among others.

The Organization, Corearte, provides an electronic piano or keyboard, depending on the location. We also have tumbadoras, cajón drum and percussion set available. If the choir needs other instruments they must provide them themselves. Some locations do not allow the amplification of instruments, ask the Organization.
The repertoire for the different festival performances must be submitted by 10 August 2024.

Prices and deadlines Choir Festival Colombia


Each member of the participating delegations, including choir directors, must pay the following amount for registration:

  • Quadruple Occupancy Room … 390 U$S (tree hundred and ninety American Dollars)
  • Double Occupancy Room  … 470 U$S (four hundred seventy American Dollars)

These amounts are per person and in American Dollars.

Participation in a single room has a cost of 570 U$S American dollars.

This festival is sponsored by:

The Choir Festival Colombia, brings music to the stages of “Cafe con aroma de mujer” (The Secret of Passion), a postcard to remember for a lifetime.
We are waiting for you to live the Corearte experience and enjoy this beautiful city and its music.

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